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  1. I’d demand my money back.

    Yeah, those machines are all the same. No matter what the prize it’s always a piece of shit.

    I didn’t know you could win a live pet monkey as a prize in those things. That must be a bitch with compliance paperwork, but then again, it is after all just a lousy monkey.

    Mom, which one should I get?
    Just stay away from that brown thing honey. It bites.

    I don’t know about you, but the whack-a-mole seems way more appealing.

    I’m going for the fuzzy red thing. I don’t want it, but given the options I think I’d strike gold in comparison to the fuzzy brown thing.

    Okay then. I’ll stop. Too easy.

  2. Where’s jussayin”?
    Another shining example of a nig.ger being a nig.ger right here. That little shitstain was trying to steal some shit from a white business owner. No doubt at the direction of its adult shitstains.

    1. What do you care? I doubt you pay taxes and if you do then it doesn’t really effect the economy or the overall outcome of things such as public assistance, armed forces, healthcare, etc

  3. Hey Jussayin’ – I noticed you were concerned with “Public Assistance” first and foremost – wonder what that’s about?

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