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  1. Yes and no. They are the long division viniculum of fucked up, but a nlgger wouldn’t know the difference, especially because as fucked up as those eyebrows are, a nlgger riding in public transit and then having the gall to make fun of a human, be she a stupid human, is the equivalent of a Cymothoa bug snickering at its host fish.

    Yeah, I know. Look it up.

  2. Why do black people or indecent people think they’re funny when saying BITCH or NIGGA or any variation of the word FUCK?
    WAKE UP, inbred retarded morons, you look as moronic as your own family.

    1. I’m pretty sure that bitch is Puerto Rican, but I could be wrong.
      Ah. What’s the difference anyway?
      Spics, nig.gers.?

  3. Its hilarious to see how many racist lil cowards this sites gather. The amount of inbred retardness shocks me each time. Its 2015 people. We know you are anonymously commenting racisme on the internet woohoo. Try get a real actual life you wankers 😉

    1. asd are you some nlgger loving cunt? Such a saintly fucking hero you are you broadminded libtard coon fucker.

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