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  1. Same number of white people do stupid things, too. Just that number happens to represent 90% of the nig population. Don’t go crying to anyone when you can’t get a fair chance in life. Clean up your race, first.

  2. Nig.gers being nig.gers. That fucking species will never be 100% human.

    There is so much wrong with this picture I hardly know where to begin.
    1. Disrespectful cunt
    2. I bet the “baby daddy” died prematurely due to either being shot, stabbed or an overdose. Most likely shot by another upstanding black youth.
    3. Nasty, skank sister was fucking the dead nig.ger on the side. CLASSY.
    4. Not more than a 65 point I.Q. between both sisters and the dead nig.ger.

  3. when rob nunya and mikey die and have a life review in the spirit world they’re going to be thinking “wow i spent all those years on every single epicfail post with racist and hateful comments” are you just doing that to be funny or do you really have some kind of mental disability? because you hate on everyone else but it’s really you that needs to evolve. but you can keep staying unevolved if that’s what you choose

    1. ugo. …you hate on mikey and rob but condone the actions of nigs like this that make up such a large percentage of their population

    2. I don’t condone their actions. also i’m not hating on rob and mikey, just think they should chill with the negative stuff cause earth is already too negative. just trying to help their souls evolve cause i’m a nice guy

    3. Hey ungo,
      What’s black and white and rolls down the Boardwalk?
      A nig.ger and a seagull fighting over a French Fry.

  4. I bet her eldest Shiqueefa is about to turn 18 and the some of the gubment cash is going away. Maybe she thinks rubbing her ragged out snatch on the dirt will lead to her squeezing out another ward of the state in 9 months.

  5. This argument is disgusting. People are not separate by race but by their actions. People who hate an entire group based off the actions of only select few of the group are no better than who ever is doing the the trashy thing in the first place. all humans are imperfect and its ridiculous to say that anyone is better or worse because the color of their skin.

  6. This website was meant for everyone to enjoy, not to throw insults at strangers. There’s people of every sort on here doing stupid things. Do you know why they made it on here? Because its extreme, that’s what makes it funny, so don’t judge from what you see on here!

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