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  1. Do you see? Do you see what I’m talking about? Just as with all the “When Animals Attack” footage and similar footage by other names, like when that elephant in a circus goes nuts and tramples people, so too is it of utmost importance to respect nature and not try to domesticate wild animals such this ape. When you take the primate out of its natural habitat, either make sure you keep it on a leash or just let it live in the African wild where it belongs. It’s animal cruelty and the moment the animal has a chance its wild instincts WILL take over.

    You can see this is clearly an urban ape exhibit posing as a McDonald’s. All of the other cackling macaques while relatively calm as they observe one of their species spazz out. They’re not moved by this at all, because they too understand their own kind and share similar instincts. All is well in the mind of a monkey, even during chimp-outs. They just stare soullessly on, like an old lady’s pet dog on a mantle after a taxidermy.

    The bigger issue is that once an attempt at domestication is made, these knuckle-scrapers can no longer fend for themselves in the wild as they get used to being fed by their owners. Then when the animals are taken away from their rightful owners for so-called “neglect” (“emancipation” or whatever), they just get tossed out in the street and live dangerously close among human society. And here is the result!

    Someone should have darted that baboon, covered its eyes so it wouldn’t buck, and then shipped it back to its native habitat where it belongs. Not only is that safer for mankind, it’s more humane for the orangutan too. Maybe there’s a chance it could learn to work and fend for itself out of pure, natural necessity.

    Sorry for the rant, but I am an animal lover, damn it! It saddens me to see tree-beasts being mishandled.

  2. Manager: “shawneequeel, you’re fired because of your bad attitude and constant stealing from the cash drawer”.

    shawneequeel: ” wha da fuck you talkin’ ’bout muthafucka? I ain’t stoled no got damn monah. Fuck you, you mothafucka piece a shit. Ima destroy dis whole mothafuckin’ shit”.

    And now you see how nig.gers act out when you let them out of captivity.

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