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  1. ^Or the lonely guy posting comments about it. Oh wait, I forgot about Rob. Now you guys can give each other hand jobs while hating the world ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would go with the illiterate monkey’s comments as being more amusing. With a little “training” it could be halfway human , perhaps.

  3. I really wish they just renamed this “Zone” to the Racist Zone.. Every picture with comments has at least one of these idiots posting this verbal diarrhea. I’ll take “illiterate monkeyโ€™s” any day over this.

  4. No no no, all you “equality” zombies are right-on. Sorry to be so blatantly crazy. The brain-masters in the pic are actually good humored kids who are valuable additions to social evolution while the comments by the rogue scholar critic, this “leanandcuisine” professor under the pic are testaments to intellectual perfection. Yes. We blind bigots and self righteous zealots failed to see the beauty of these future physicists, engineers, astronomers and educators. Oh my how I see your point. Good eye! Good sense. Good luck!!!

    1. Your racism is a true reflection of your ignorance. I applaud you for demonstrating this every time you post.

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