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    1. I have one: how long after the plug is pulled and the brain dies can your phalanges continue postmortem spasms? Sorry, that’s a tough one. Let me rephrase: how long have you been commenting on EF?

  1. That’s a tough one? I learned what phalanges were from the Magic School Bus when I was 5. Also brain cells have nothing to do with postmortem spasms, nice try though.

    How long have I been posting on EF? Hmmm. Ill have to get back to you on that one princess.

    1. Why the fuck would a person taken off of life support have any skeletal muscle spasms? Especially in their digits. Magic school bus teach you that about ppl in the icu? What the fuck do you know about anything?

  2. Postmortem spasm is a rare form of muscular stiffening that occurs at the moment of death, and can be mistaken for rigor mortis. The cause is unknown, but is usually associated with violent deaths with intense emotion.


    1. “Violent death” like grand mal seizures or blunt trauma or internal hemorrhaging isn’t related to having the “plug pulled” if someone is already on O2 and life support. You’re such a fucking dumbass. Keep googling your comebacks, tell Wikipedia, we all say hello

  3. ……. Folks, I rest my case.

    As for you jake, there is no case to even address. Just let go and walk toward the light. Your EEG has flatlined.

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