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    1. It’s only temporary. He is tired of fucking his sister-wives and their inbred, but racially pure, offspring.

      He wants to start fucking other men’s sister-wives and their mongoloid children.

    2. This will be unfortunately long, but much needed.

      Truexile: The initial knowledge way back when that my commentary struck you so deep to the core it rendered you unable to function without trying to daily collect and glue the miniscule shards of your shattered ego was delightful. I admit it. That was the point; to ruin a fool’s day. Major win for me. But now, it’s gotten so bad that you take any – and I mean any absurd and unsuitable theme and exploit it like some ill-conceived opportunity to wave your fists in the dank, dark, empty abyss of your own hallucinogenic comment Special Olympics where you and 4 others are the only participants. A car stuck between trees = “haha that’s Rob,” or some Japanese guy in a tub = “must be Rob” or something. It’s like watching a developmentally disabled pre-teen shouting from atop a toilet about his own uniqueness, taking credit for innovations in literature because he managed to scribble his own name on a soiled piece of toilet paper using his finger. Forget funny. You were never even close, but that was okay. I don’t expect idiots who think like you to be smart, especially if nlggers, faggots and other sub-humans represent acceptable levels of normal to you. Stupid is a permanent ailment and I had no delusions. I hoped to hook a retard-fish and I got a few. But you! I once took great pleasure in knowing how I had such a profound effect on you, but at this point it’s just gotten uncomfortably awkward. Seriously, stop. I get that ‘embarrassed for you’ feeling each time I see another comment of yours. You’re like the last lone guy on the field still throwing the ball toward the end zone 2 days after you lost the game and everyone went home. Give it up. You lost. Move on.

      JD, I know you’re a sad little nlgglet. It’s obvious. But just like a select other few idiots that come to this site and attempt to make fun of me just to fail miserably, you are trailing right behind Truexile up there. Soon you’ll need a room on the same floor of the ward. You however still have a chance to save yourself the embarrassment. Take it while you still can.

    3. While I take issue with Rob’s claim that his long-winded response is “much needed”, he does have a point in stating that there’s an odd ‘every post relates back to Rob’ theme in the comments on this site. This is especially true of anything sexual, which is so sad considering that Rob is clearly impotent.

    4. You’re right ralph. It wasn’t needed. Poking and prodding at the handicapped is wrong and I know it. I just felt like helping the poor fellas out, but then I realized how many of you there are. A whole cult dedicated to stupid. No matter how many times you tell a delusional psychotic rubber-head that there are no talking fairies, the neighbor’s parrot is not hiding NASA secrets, and that your comments are unfunny, and that nlggers aren’t really human, you will still post mental diarrhea and support your fellow sect members, despite. Reason and sense are useless tools against the dumb.

    5. Almost witty. And don’t worry, I’ll still correct your next grammar mistake even though you just tried to insult me.

  1. I have been coming to this site for a while and it’s always funny when another random commenter insults rob. It’s like what paparazzi do to celebrities except on an epicfail level.

    1. Nunya is not a celebrity. She strikes me as someone who has too much time on her hands and the same goes for the people who try their hardest to insult her

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