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  1. I love this prank. I did it once to my brother while I was house-sitting. Just remove whatever ice tray/container collects the cubes and shuts off the ice maker when full.

    I keeps going until the entire freezer is full! Hilarious.

  2. Hahaha thats sweet, my dog would go nuts he loves ice cubes anyway,
    I did something similar but it was a real asshole move. My cousin moved in with me for a while and always turned up the temp on my freezer as cold as it could go ,until all my food had freezer burn on if and got ruined which as you could imagine was a huge pain in the ass. So I told him 100 times if he kept doing that the freezer would turn in to a huge block of ice, and he would pay for a new one he was so sure it wasn’t possible he bet me 100 bucks. So I took my food out and filled the freezer with water, then sealed it with that flex seal shit( which works great by the way) and the whole freezer was filled with one giant ice block. I got the Flex seal off before he got home, the look on his face was freaking priceless and gave me the 100$ lol i suggest doing this if anyone does the same thing like my cuz. It won’t ruin the freezer, only some food.

    1. You’re a liar. How did you fill the entire freezer with water when the door was open.

      Even Tyrone thought that was a stupid comment

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