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    1. TrueDouchey is at it again, trying to be clever. Unfortunately he is unintelligent, uninteresting, and very probably sitting in his underwear in his Mommy’s basement. Post at 12:40 PM (a Thursday)? – yep, unemployed or a dropout….loser….

    2. Just calls em like I sees em. You’re not funny, at all. Having acidic vaginal discharge is A okay with me, makes my WBC count low and within normal limits and keeps my plumbing UTI free. You didn’t put this 3rd year resident in her place, champ. You gotta come up with better material if you’re going to comment so frequently. Maybe, you should go kill yourself

    3. @Truexile, don’t listen to pube-head. Everyone who has normal clean hair enjoyed the comment.
      Btw, We have a code red! There’s a major lice infestation in sector darky. We need to contain this darky pubes hair before he contaminates 3/4s of the eastern seaboard.

    4. @jussayin’ 3rd year eh? How come everyone in your profession is a drunk, or a straight up crazy bitch? Or both for that matter…

    5. 9 years of secondary education and I almost have my DO. You compared a learned doctor to an alcoholic or psychotic person. Case in point. Nice to know my tax dollars are fueling that desperately needed public school system. Does it just really fucking suck to be you? You’re not funny, your comments are indicative of Trisomy 18, dude

  1. If you stare at what I guess is the tail end of this thing, and turn your head a little to the left, it looks like the creature from Jabba the Hutt’s pit.

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