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  1. Sometimes the stupidity of nlggers even leaves me speechless. I mean really, what more can I say that this photo doesn’t scream 10,000 times louder? But let’s try anyway.

    Been a while, but here’s a brand new installment of nlgger fun facts.

    Fact: in order to get high, nlggers in Africa ferment and sniff human shit. It’s true!

    Another fun fact: nlgglets are 3 times (2.88 to be specific) more likely than human children to be identified as mentally retarded, 1.9 times more likely to be emotionally disturbed, and 1.3 times more likely to have a learning disability.

    Source: Council for Exceptional (yeah right, “exceptional” like Truexile up there) children, April 7, 2001

    Conclusion: apes! Not humans.

    1. Fact: Displaced anger caused by impotence is likely to be projected onto black men. The likelihood increases when the rage-filled fuck’s thumb is bigger than his dick.
      This type of anger often manifests itself in delusions of grandeur and cowardly rhetoric.

      No source needed.

      Another fun fact: Rob just got back from Africa. He’s finally figured out why everywhere he went, people were sniffing him.

  2. I hate that I’m lumped in with these racist fuckin red necks that post on site being white. When youre at the gets of heaven and god kicks your ass to hell you’ll know why. Unless you are atheist too and in that case karma or murphys law is a bitch.

    1. Newsflash: This is the world of the interwebs. No one can see you. We only know you’re white because you told on yourself.
      And I believe those things are called gates.

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