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  1. Christ almighty! Nothing sadder than a whigger. Humans imitating apes? Congratulations. Darwin is speechless.

    1. I think Darwin is more speechless over the amounts of igrogant racists who are so pathetic to find excuses they use the word “wigger”

    2. What does igrogant mean exactly, asd?
      The saddest part is Darwin would be left speechless at the amount of stupid shit that spews from your mind, then winds up on a computer screen.

  2. Holy shit, that is the worst rap I ever heard!! The fuck was that wigger thinking!? Dumb mofo was probably high as fuck and that’s why he’s whisper rapping.. Nothing funnier than frail men covered in tattoos and ACTING tough.. they would get their head split open in real life. Fake ass pussy mofos

  3. Yeah, this douchebag will be sitting next to vanilla ice and snow in a bar in 3 months wondering why he’s as worthless as the other two.

    Seriously though; all wiggers should be bussed into inner city slums, where the problem would work itself out with an ironic twist.

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