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  1. And then I thought BRONIES were actually the worst thing since, er… since whatever. There’s so much obnoxious silliness in the world right now, there’s no way to tell which outgrowth is worse than another.

  2. Hey look, it is Rob Nunya and his she-bitch sister-wife. Is that what they are driving to the Klan/Tea Party rally.

    Didn’t they think to change after the family orgy?

    1. Mikey, leave that gang of children alone, man. I realized that they’re either kids (they have to be; just look at the level of their comments) or really, horribly stupid adolescents, most likely nlggers. I’ve gone down to their level and feel honestly sick about it. Ignore them. Just look at how he writes. I guarantee you he’s from a typical, uneducated, low income, typical nlgger home, goes to public school in the ghetto, learns nothing, can barely read, write, comprehend, etc. Every time I send them aquip I feel like I kicked a retarded baby. Let’em be, man. Fuck’em.

  3. The puppeteers of America have used to their advantage the lazy, stupid and mentally weak in order to create the illusion that freedom means being directly opposed to logic, good sense, morals and righteousness. To do this they employed those that are at the bottom of the human food chain and followed the guidelines of the Overton Window (read Joseph P. Overton) to make the ridiculous perfectly acceptable. Through this, they are accomplishing their goals: keep people stupid, dilute the population, place everyone into generational debt, and own everything. This is no secret and it is no conspiracy theory. It’s perfectly logical. It is the same way Hitler managed to form the SS and keep them loyal – he used lowlifes, idiots and have-nots and gave them a sense of worth by strapping them into uniforms and giving them the privilege do whatever they pleased. It’s just that liberal uniforms look a lot different. Plankton are of higher intelligence than these fags, dykes, hippies and ugly human rot.

    1. Rob, you are wrong. Each and every time you write something, you are just plain wrong.

      And you know, I don’t even have to explain you why. You mind is just not able to understand in his current state. I said that whit no condescension at all or sarcasm.

      Just like dog eating their own shit. This is bad. But as it is obviously bad, you know that the dog just don’t have what it take to understand why it is bad. So you just do what it take to prevent him to do so and don’t take care about is “feeling” toward eating shit.

      You preserve him from itself, because it the only possible thing.

      It’s the exact same thing for you.

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