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  1. So one is emotionally unstable pussy with unrealistic social expectations. And the other is an idiotically partiotic idiot who voluntarily entered an army of a belligerent country. So? I see no reason to feel sorry.

    1. Well, you ARE a delusional ignorant child living in fantasy, so of course you wouldn’t understand anything about reality. I’m not talking about Smellody, just your other retarded low IQ remark.

    2. Hey Spokk, I hear it’s pretty easy to get to Syria. Why don’t you go THERE and bitch about “idiotically partiotic idiots”. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find someone who understands your shitty English.

  2. If it wasn’t for the soldier, you Neanderthals would not have the right to post all your comments here. SYIHL 🙂

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