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    1. They work at tattoo and body modification shops. Unless you count washing your step-dad’s truck or cutting his lawn (even though you’re still angry about the molestation that led to defacing yourself) for a $20, there is no other work.

    2. From my perspective he works in the entertainment business. Not sure he’s making minimum wage though.

  1. Now would ya look at that: I was sure that epicfail was run by middle schoolers but now it turns out they remember the Legion of Doom. Didn’t they start calling themselves “The Hellraisers” or something at some point though?

  2. Hates cops. Loves to drink and do drugs. Loves tattoos. Likes others like himself. Yup. That about sums up liberalism and this lost generation of semi conscious genetic throwaways raised by a former generation of losers. Good thing they don’t like marriage and kids. Leaves a lot of hope.

  3. What is this fucking phone app with these meet people on them? I see it all the time on here but I don’t know the name of the app.

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