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  1. Not a pretty girl among the whole group. The fattest one was apparently the spokesperson for the group, which SHOULD tell us something. Lastly, they appeared (if appearances can be believed) to have a COLLECTIVE I.Q. of about the average room temperature on a fall day, on the east coast. In WHAT way, in WHAT universe would this video prompt any girl with ANY self-respect to want to join this group of fat, undisciplined, moronic fools? Thank god they made this video, otherwise some unsuspecting decent girl might have accidentally joined up and ruined her future forever!

    1. The epic fail are the comments. You sorry poor, racist people, enjoy your minimum wage. You small brained fucks.

  2. I get it. It’s like Skull and Bones for East LA’s handicapped “special” kids at community college for the deaf and dumb. Cool!

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