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    1. It’s because Rob has his dick in his ass, and fills him up with hate every night.

      mikey do you ever get to be on top?

    2. jralph, what does hate have to do with facts? If facts, i.e., irrefutable, proven truths as opposed to opinions, represent that which you deem as hateful, then what does that say about the state of things and the objects of those facts? Maybe it means that some animals like nlggers are just levels beneath homosapien, much like Truexile up there who is several levels beneath even that.

    3. So, you are the champion of the “irrefutable, proven truth as opposed to opinion” that “the stupid fucking hairdo ideas aren’t just for nig.gers now”???
      That’s super fucked up. As opposed to not being fucked up.

    4. Oh mikey,your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind…NOT… what rat hole did you crawl out from….

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