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    1. Hey Rob Come Butts, doesn’t mikey toss around your nuts every night, or is that your salad? I forget.
      Anyways basketball is Canadian.

    2. “Anyways” is “anyway”. ANYWAY, I feel compelled to correct your 3rd grade misspellings and general linguistic deficiency, and then I remember that you haven’t made it to (or will ever pass) 3rd grade. The Hornets are from Charlotte. That’s south of Canada, just in case. Similarly, nlggers are African primates, but you can find them in Canada, a.k.a., “The Birthplace of Basketball” wwe all cannot stop admiring. Look down. Your smart is showing.

    3. Actually either “anyway” or “anyways” is acceptable, but such is not the case with your or/nor confusion. It should be “nor will you ever pass the 3rd grade”.
      I could go through your other posts and correct your misspellings, etc.
      Unlike you, I have been resisting that compulsion for the most part. When I do give in though, my comments are accurate.

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