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    1. Once again some straggling brain cell hanging on for dear life in Nogen’s noggin got a second wind and misfired, causing a spout of random nonsense, complete with smiley face no less, like a masturbating monkey in a warm pile of its own yuck, happy as Special Olympian can be.

    1. No, I had a “job” when I was fifteen. I have a career and own; thus, I don’t have a job, I offer others jobs so that one day they can too own things. In order to obtain such status I was very careful not to hire nlggers, liberals, and ignorant bitches.

  1. I was gonna finish the race, but I got high… Was gonna leave everyone in my wake, but I got high…. Now I’ve wrecked this heat, and I know why… Yeah. Cause I got high.. Because I got high, because I got hi-iiiiiiiiiiii

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