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  1. Let me take a wild stab at Julian’s skin color and species type: Shitskinnorasis Nlggeris? Thought so. Rap and televesion, a complete part of any nlgglet’s complete mental breakfast.

    1. You know that it is “perfect”, true righteous white businessman which devote their live to propel the economy of the United States to contribute to the republican party (just like you, I guess) that sell these things, right?

      Well, we can’t expect a dog to see beyond first degree of any problem.

      Bark my little Rob, bark. 😉

    2. Hes a sad cowardly little man, otherwise he would be posting this nonsense from his facebook account. Rob buddy, get some fucking help, and not from mikey.

    3. Nogen…….. what? I seriously did not understand anything you wrote. Total incoherent gibberish without a single formulated thought (except maybe in that thing you call a head). The only part I THINK I got (???) was something about a republican, i.e., as in you think I’m a republican? I don’t even live in the US let alone side with any party there. To me all of your politicians are separated by about 2 degrees and are all scum. It’s part of the reason your education system is so poor and so many nlggers are left free to roam unchecked.

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