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  1. Let’s play a game;

    Who I am?

    “Stupid libtard black cat!! That’s what happen with these freaking catger. He was probably high on catnip, like all these fucking catger that drag our society down. Too stupid to getting up on a chair. No wonder that the white (almost) cat is on top.”

    Yeah, I know it’s hard too find. 😉

    1. Turexile, let the adults talk.

      Nogen, that’s a racoon. Your anger blinds you so that your emotions lead your hand before your brain can catch up, if it CAN catch up since it’s only one step beyond knuckle scraping. Don’t be angry because I underscore your stupidity. You do a fine job all on your own, just as does your fan base. Just look at the moron in your cheering section. That should enlighten you to who your intellectual constituency is.

      Every time ones hypocrisy is exposed, the disingenuously offended party ALWAYS attempts to demonize their detractor. I think you are perfectly aware of my points on other, unrelated EF postings and know them to be true. That is why you are so angry. You have nothing to argue in points of fact, just nonsensical tries at juvenile humor. I thought this EF was cute, but now that you asked for it, here:

      Time for nlgger facts. To avoid contracting AIDS or other STDs, it has been well documented (although often hidden from mainstream media) that Africans will have sexual relations and/or sodomize goats as often as 4 times/day.

      Source: World Online South Africa.

      Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

      P.S. I would enter the url, but EF won’t allow posting links. You can look it up.

    2. ^ Looks like someone is getting angry. Also do you really find it necessary to correct yourself Rob Come Butts?

    3. I am getting angry. He wrote “Who I am” instead of “Who I be”. He wrote “happen” instead of “happens”; catger instead of catgers, and then, “Too stupid to getting up on a…(almost) cat…” something something. I won’t even try to reconcile that. Then, “… hard TOO find” and so on and so forth. Nlggers and public school are like ammonia and blezh. They just don’t result in anything good. So you’re right. Why bother correcting myself to the benefit of a laughing monkey rolling cheerfully in its own feces while its sidekick giggles in triumph. And the smiley face no-noggin adds thereafter is like a chimp showing its pearly whites sharting its own dinner into its hand. Spectacular showmanship, the both-o-you! Pat yourselves on the back (sides). You deserve it.

    4. Rob,

      Yeah, a raccoon, a cat, whatever. This was not the point of my joke, anyway. Change the cat for a raccoon in my comment, you get the same picture. You got a pretty accurate picture or yourself, trying to force your racist and ultra conservative ideas on everything, even if this has nothing to do with it.

      And that the most fun of it is you try to force your idea on this kind on site. Seriously, Rob? The seriousness of your ideas cannot be higher that the medium on which you expose them.

      As my spelling, well I must recognize it’s not great. English is not my native language so I do my best.

  2. That’s not a cat flipping the chair on itself, that’s a raccoon. Look at the dark areas around the eyes but the light muzzle and eyebrow color and the rounded ears with white outline. Few cats have either rounded ears or ears that can curl to look rounded from certain angles and none of them look like that.

  3. Why bother correcting yourself if you aren’t going to correct everything? What about the apostrophe in “ones hypocrisy”? “…their detractor”? Try its. Party is singular after all. Well-documented.
    And don’t be so hard on Nogen. This is one of his most literate posts.
    Oh, how rude of me—Welcome back from Africa, Nunya. Get some rest. I imagine you’re pretty sore.

    1. Hahaha jralph. That’s good! No, really. You got me. Truth be told I had a few beers out on the water Sat night. I should know better than to leave comments after having a few. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Plus, correcting grammar really is one of the worst ways to debate, but come on! Look at those two. Making a mistake here and there is no biggie, but there’s a stark contrast between occasional errors and downright illiteracy. Nogen and Truex-whatever are clearly nth degree stupid. At least I get it right 9 out of 10 times. Anyway, I know I shouldn’t make fun of the handicapped. Speaking of which, hope you get better soon.

    2. You must do that a lot then (drink before posting) because those are mistakes you frequently make. Yours pale in comparison to most of the nonsense on this site, true. Correcting grammar and spelling here could be a full-time job.
      Your latest attempt to insult me was really lame though. Get better soon? Hahaha. That’s pathetic.

  4. Oh…. My….. God…..
    I have just say here reading the previous comments.
    Is that dude for real? He must hate his life and everything in it. What an a***hole

  5. Come on people, fighting in the comments is pointless. It’s like being the president of Turd town, even of you win who gives a shit. Everyone else should know better then to fight with rob, you might hate his opinion but he is not smart S.0.B

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