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  1. that sticker is kind of racist against drug addicts …..

    drug addicts should form a collective and fight the power

  2. Must be in a caucasian neighborhood. Must be! Why with the “facts” and “arguments” that nlggers are just poor, miunderstood human beings rather than wild animals, surely they must be right.

    1. 90% of new heroin users over the last decade are white, with all other races making up the other 10% (Forbes). Nice try though.

    2. First of all, Forbes is a crock of shit. They print all sorts of statistics that they themselves create to further their own agenda. If Forbes is your source for drug stats, perhaps Rolling Stone is your source for global economics? Whatever. Irrelevant.

      Sure, why not. After all, nlggers mostly smoke crack. In that case a liberal neighborhood full of hippies and freaks. San Franpsycho, Portland and Seattle come to mind. Right-o. Your point has been duly noted and received. Way to make one! Btw, libiots are just a half-step beyond nlggers on the evolutionary chart, so no big whoop.

    3. I was a bit hasty on the “post” button there.

      In fairness and in all seriousness though, no jabs or ill will, what exactly was your point? Are you trying to say nlgger neighborhoods are safer than white neighborhoods? Despite drug choice popularity by demographic, my point still stands. I would quicker leave my car in a white neighborhood populated by drugged out heroin junkies with braids and rainbow wool hats than in some ape ghetto. If you like statistics, here’s a few:

      28% of all nlgger males will wind up in prison (US D.O.J.)

      21.5% of all nlgglets are born to teenagers. 61.9% to unwed mammies (CDC – Teenage pregnancy study)

      Over half of all pavement baboons will commit a serious felony at least once in their life, 41% of those, before they reach 18 years of age (US D.O.J.)

      91% of all interracial crimes are committed by porch monkeys against whites, 88% of those are directly attributable to racial hate crimes, 37% of those are against women (US D.O.J.)

      Although outnumbered 9 to 1, urban silverbacks commit over 68% of all violent murders in the United States (FBI Dept. of Homicide).

      No please, I’m all ears.

  3. Drug addicts are not a race, jeez.
    Also is that sticker really needed, its a Ford Fiesta who breaks in to that piece to try and steal shit. You gotta be brain dead.

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