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  1. You mean not all you fellas wear your shjets like this? I was thinking he could have went a size smaller… I would have.

    1. Oh brother! All that came to the surface from seeing some schmuck in a spiderman outfit? Have another toke. Did you get it all out jd? What’s jd stand for, jigaboo django? I’m not a white supremacist. I’m a human supremacist in that I believe humans are above animals and therefore, yes, supreme to them. I hate no one. I simply understand that a nlgger is no different than an elephant in that it’s just a wild animal that belongs preferably in the wild, but at least inside some sort of safe enclosure where it cannot harm people. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just common sense to anyone with an IQ over over 100. And no, I’m not a piece of shit. I’m not a nlgger like you. Only nlggers are shit because that”s how nlgglet births occur, when an ape drops a deuce. Look in the mirror for a prime example, and look at your mammy for an example of a shitting ape, if you even know your mammy.

    2. fyi, I don’t bother reading your retarded rants, nunya. It is nice to know you waste so much time replying, though.

    1. Indeed. And he is unaware of his own incompetence. He writes very poorly; usually attempting to appear smart by using a moderatelty advanced vocabulary, but in such a way that you can tell he is actually a moron.

    2. That’s mighty tolerant of you, Ted. I despise today’s definition of “tolerance”, yes. It’s liberal nonsense that has caused the decay and collapse of many once great nations. Italiano, eh? Look no further than your own almost bankrupt country.

    3. There you go…Rob is a complete moron and piece of shit.

      Yes, tolerance is a liberal idea. And it is great! But your understanding of history and success is perverted. How many intolerant societies can legitimately claim to be successes?

      Rome failed. The Confederate State of Amerifcan failed. Nazi Germany failed. Fascist Italy failed. Fascist Argentina failed. Imperial Japan failed. None of the totalitarian governments in Africa are successes. None of the fascist Middle Eastern nations are models of government to aspire for. “Communist” China and North Korea are on the verge of failing.

      It would appear that those of us intelligent enough to understand the basics of biology and history have much more on our side.

      And look at the most successful companies in the world? How many of them preach hate and racial supremacy? None!

      You are such a stupid fuck, Rob.

  2. You guys can hate Rob all you like. It doesn’t make him less right, or you more right. You only hate him because he tells it like it really is, rather than the way your brainwashed minds believe it should be. Reality doesn’t change just because you want it to kiddies, sorry.

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