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  1. Aha. no-no. Nlggers are great parents. What am I thinking?! All you liberals with bowling balls for heads are right. Crazy me!

    1. Nogen, without trying to be clever, funny or insulting, I seriously can almost never make out what you write. Your English is beyond terrible. It’s not even English in the technical sense; more like nlgger babble. If you want to formulate a cohesive thought, ask for help from a human.

    2. Aw, you don’t understand what I wrote?

      I’ll stick to smiley then, I guess, your for you.


  2. I’m gonna vote this a WIN…. Just for the simple fact the dad is in the sons life. But I bet he used SSI money to buy that food.

    1. Are a kiddin’ Mikey? He gets a check every month for that rectal drop. In fact he’s probably in the pic to prove to social services that “he’s around”.

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