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    1. First off…..Who the fuck are you?
      Second, i’m not some half breed hillbilly. There are bottom feeders in the gene pool in every race. Someone managed to snap a picture of 2 half white/half Mexican? jerkoffs using a lawn chair for a seat. Probably got beer in that cup too. The only happy ending to their story would be the back of a Mack truck.

      The difference between this picture and the ones of pavement apes doing shit that makes these two look like Harvard scholars is, the ratio of “nig.gers” to “other” is about 100 to 1.
      So, keep your tongue up truexile’s ass and your fingers up asd’s, you fucking stain on human evolution.

    2. Just curious, but what exactly is a “half breed hillbilly”? I thought they all had a mother/aunt and a father/uncle, no? How is that “half breed”? I’m confused. Am I getting too existential?

    3. @Doralingis, I guess you can’t read otherwise you’d realize that Mikey defined what a halfbreed hillbilly was. And I agree 100% with what you said Mikey.

  1. Fuck safety, and screw this P.C Nanny state, wrap em in bubble wrap world bullshit. The fun has been taken away from everything. Give this guy a fucking medal….

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