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  1. Probably trying to mop up vomit which you can’t do with a regular vacuum (And most companies don’t have a wet vac)…..

    1. No, that’s Rob Nunya working one of his night-jobs.

      Rob never finish high school so this is about as well as he can do. He kept failing biology…he was never able to figure out that all humans share the same genetic sequence and that race is only a social construct.

    2. Jungle-drop jd, “night jobs” is not hyphenated and I think you meant “finished” with a past tense suffix, and you clearly do not know how or where to use an ellipsis. Pettiness aside, since I have clearly made you angry and submissive through my trolling you – like so many other intellectual weaklings on this site – I am willing to reveal a small tidbit about me.

      I actually know quite a bit about genetics and biology, up to and including biophysics in particular, in which field I have published and taught, and later in which I formed and thereupon sold a company to a household brand name you likely know well; that is of course if you bathe. With that in mind, here’s something just for you:

      In the late 1950’s through early 60’s, a study organized by Harvard professor Carleton S. Coon (a fitting name, wouldn’t you say?) that was later published in 1962 called The Origin of Races, brought together a renowned group of professionals ranging from forensic archaeologists, medical doctors, and physical anthropologists from around the world, including England, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and of course the good ole US of A, who observed a controlled experiment where hundreds of medical and other science graduate students were asked to inspect the skulls of various species. They were told that all of the skulls came from dead primates and humans. The control factor was that one-third of those skulls actually belonged to dead nlggers. All 100% of the students except for one (there were almost 1000 students and a toal of over 500 skulls at roughly one-third per species) identified the nlgger skulls as that of primates. The single student who mistakenly named two (that’s right, TWO) nlgger skulls as human was later found to be completely blind in one eye and later it was discovered that he had cheated on his entrance exams into medical school and was dismissed.

      Additionally, it was confirmed that the thickness of the supragranular layer of the nlgger skulls (outside layer), just as with the skulls of the primates, was 15% thicker than that of the human skulls, and that the nlgger skull convolutions were fewer and simpler than human skulls. Furthermore, the angle of the jigaboo skulls from the front of the mandible (jaw) or anatomically, the Mental Protuberance, to the forefront of the frontal bone of the skull (the forehead) was on average 31% smaller acutely than that of the human skulls. It was then determined based on this data that when alive, the nlgger brains, and specific to the frontal cortex of the then functioning brains, was able to process as much information as the primates and not more, i.e, it was concluded that there was little difference in cognitive thinking ability between the primates and the nlggers while the human skulls represented those of a completely different and far more evolved being.

      By the way, Carleton Coon was a registered democrat!

      Have a lovely day.

    3. You know, Rob, you forfeit all the intelligence you wanted to convey in that long statement by using words of degradation. Oh, and by the way, just because a study was published does not mean it is entirely true. In fact, most scientific studies that were published prior to the 1970’s have been corrected or completely refuted many times over.

      In conclusion, I care very little for the amount of intelligence you claim to have in certain sciences. You are a simple troll on a comment section of an entertainment site. If it’s knowledge (and hate) you wish to drop on people, take it to the appropriate places. Here you are just an arrogant troll whom no one takes seriously.

    1. A. I don’t see much distinction between your garden variety orangutan and the overwhelming majority of nlggers. Not much evolution going on there. Ever been to Africa? I have, so I state that confidently. B. Species evolve differently; for instance, it is commonly accepted that neanderthals were separated by clans and geographical groups that dispersed in different directions throughout Europe, Asia, and some remained in Africa, etc. Those who remained were of lesser intellect and ceased evolving altogether. In fact West African nlggers have not advanced their hut building engineering in 5000 years. They still to this day make dung and mud huts in exactly the same way they did thousands of years before while the other species moved on to innovate throughout time. C. There is a school of thought that there are what’s called “new monkeys” and “old monkeys” that makes a distinction that humans and apes both came from one cross-species of ape, but ultimately one became human while the other had not; thus, the nlgger is of the other variety. D. If land lizards evolved from water lizards, why are there still water lizards? Same concept I think.

      On the other hand if your question comes from the platform of creationism, which is who often asks that question, then I won’t get into that debate for personal reasons. I am neither an atheist nor a religious person. I am confident enough to say that any argument willing to state unequivocally that it knows for sure the answers to the origin of life on Earth, to me, represents the ultimate peak of false surety, and I a willing to secede that I do not know the answer and would rather not take a position in an argument that we humans still have many years ahead of to study and answer, i.e., I think the jury is still out unlike atheist cults and religious fanatics. But that’s just my personal position.

  2. Ya’ll are fucked in the head, as I said, probably trying to mop up vomit which you can’t do with a regular vacuum (And most companies don’t have a wet vac)…..

  3. they makes us do this in the military.. mop the ocean, sweep side walks in middle of sandstorms….. so much pain……………..

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