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    1. I did kill 6 million people and yes auschwitz was real, 1 thing i regret is i forgot to kill Franks ancestors

  1. Frank, you’re a cunt. I know people who’s parents were there and escaped. They’ve even got the tattoos to prove it. It was 6 million jews, plus over 6 million other people that were exterminated.

  2. Frank, when some part of your body produces an itch, does your brain simply send you into a coma due to overload?

    1. Because you’re a fuckwad who is an educated public school poster child that doesn’t pay real taxes that lives in the suburbs or some other backwater setting. You had to employ wikipedia (and thought you were super clever to cite them as your reference) when you didn’t understand one of my comments because you’re a moron with no real secondary education. Current world affairs, Palestine Israel, look it up. It’s okay, I’ll wait.. Yay, ‘no child left behind’ got truexile an upper hand and that shiny diploma

    2. You really do suck. jussayin…oh yeah, with a stupid fucking apostrophe. Mikey and Nunya got it right this time-holy shit. That means you are the biggest piece of fuckery on this site. You post the most pretentious nonsense. Every time I see your name on a comment, I feel sick to my stomach. You should jus’ go fuck yourself.

  3. I don’t know about fat, but she’s certainly a cunt. A dumb one. With shitty writing skills for someone so educated. “educated public school poster child” That is jus’ terrible.

  4. No, I’m not. I ran the 1600m and 400m in college. But you, you will never amount to anything that matters. Your opinions and views are demented, I’m sure your folks are proud nonetheless

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