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  1. DAMN.!!!!! If I found her first, I’ll take her home… Give her a good shower, clean her good and give her an Enema.!!!!! Fuck her.!!!! But 1 Question.??? Fucking a female NIG.GER will my Dick turn Black.?????

  2. Yes it will infect your entire body not just your dick. Then you will have to ware hoodys and talk funny.

    1. @Steve The Dick
      Thanks I’ll let Doralingis Lick her Shiftily Ass…. Doralingis Love Shit and Super Big Cocks.!!!!! We call her Ass2Mouth.!!!!!

    1. Oh gawwwd! Not another ignorant nlgger spouting off from the asshole on its head. Your species multiply way too fast. The good news is you also off each other in almost the same record numbers so there’s hope yet.

  3. That useless, drunk cunt with the clown makeup deserves the chair. She could’ve killed some innocent family that plowed into her needless existence.

  4. Really ! Is that how you handle a poor drunk woman in the US ? The girl seriously needs to see a doc and the fucking cop just put handcuffs on her wrists ? Fuck ya all, crazy retards

    1. When they are endangering them self’s or others… Then again you would probably screw her. To each there own.

  5. Look I am the most gifted in my class received a scholarship from Yale university I’m A top athlete I’m female and in black I have a white bf who I’ve had intercourse with he is still white all over my mom and dad are in a great marriage many people look up to me and I’m black look the site is for entertainment not for racist comedy I got a bill passed I know joe Biden what else can you say and rob nynua mikey2 loll doralingis Steve the dick get a life don’t you have anything else to do

    1. @Skye OMG. Where do I start? A scholarship from Yale? Really? With grammar and sentence structure that bad ? (not to mention a complete LACK of punctuation) I used to think I wasn’t racist, but with a comment that poorly organized, structured, and grammatically flawed, I guess I must be because based on your clear lack of ability to construct a coherent thought with this gratuitous, self-loving, praise rant above, I am forced to believe that if you got a scholarship from Yale, it WAS because you were black.
      Let’s recap your glorification and divinity-
      * I am THE most gifted
      * Scholarship from Yale
      * I’m black
      * I date white guys
      * I actually had intercourse with one (a white dude) AND they are still white afterwards!! (Were you confused by this thought because you expected something different? However, the offspring won’t be white, just saying)
      * People look up to me and I’m black (did you feel the need to point out that when people look up to someone, that being black was something that had to be pointed out in order to make it more significant or relevant to that fact?
      * The site is for entertainment , not racist comedy yet you immediately follow up that statement with “I got a bill passed and I know Joe Biden”…Your right…That’s truly funny!…..I know Joe Biden as well (just remember, it’s appropriate to capitalize the “J” in Joe since it’s a proper noun (Yale might notice that and old Joe might take offence that some of his personal gal pals can’t seem to get his name right when name dropping). Yeah, I see Joe all the time…on TV… yeah, I guess I technically know him as well, and I guess since I had dinner in the same room with him while he was there does that mean I know him as well? Not sure. I’ll let the people’s court decide if that counts. The real question is DOES HE KNOW YOU?
      * And that whole “I got a bill passed? Lolz again. Your just killing it in here!! Just to ensure Yale gets the best its scholarships can buy (or obviously be forced to provide due to federal requirements of “equal opportunity”) NOTE: Make sure you brush up on the “bill passing” process first. I guess I should call you Senator Skye since technically the Senate passes a bill up to the President to sign into law (HOR merely propose bills and “pass” or hand them over to the Senate for consideration for “passing” them up to the President which in reality means that in this ridiculous discussion, only the President truly “passes” a law…but I digress.)

      So basically, going forward I do have some recommendations (and a bizarre curiosity if there is any real chance that this retched dissertation [you IVY LEAGUE types get the irony in this label] will actually pass moderator approval):
      1.) I would drop the “Most gifted” statement as it’s just not working for you obviously.
      2.) I would not mention Yale as they may take that scholarship back if you keep making them look that stupid for giving it to you.
      3.) You should check out a Biology (and then a Genetics) book just to catch up on the whole black / white / how sex works and it not changing your partners race correlation.
      4.) do keep in mind, that when having sex with a white dude and he does “relieve” himself in the baby maker, THAT WILL change the color of the result….:-) and since Yale probably doesn’t have this type of “racist comedy” in their curriculum, that’s called a Mulatto or if you want to be more PC, more popular terms include biracial, multiracial, mixed-race, and multi-ethnic just as a FYI
      5.) I’ve been thinking I might be wrong about you and that It is possible you might be Yale material since unlike 2lolo’s “fucking” or ASD’s screwing” you instead referred to it as “intercourse” instead of “sex” like the rest of us non Ivy league degenerates with nothing else to do but point out our racist inferiority by attacking random, highly gifted, Yale type black chicks with white BF’s they have intercourse with and don’t turn black and are secretly elected public officials that know joe Biden that people look up to despite you being black (as if that actually make a big f@^#*&$ difference)….but this realized that no, I was right because a Yale girls would have called it “coitus” so I stand on my original thought….


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