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    1. Close, but you’ll have to try harder. That’s not a person, absolutely agree about the animal behavior, but this animal is likely of a species referred to as a liberal, and the byproduct of a hippie generation that indeed did lay eggs and then exported its diseased spawn TO Europe and not the other way around, so no thanks. You hang on to that. Instead, why don’t you sneed the apes back to Africa. And since we’re talking about returning broken items let’s also start talking refunds and reparations for the destruction of so much property the nlgger infestation owes society. Have the liberals pay for it since they like weaning those baboons on taxpayer milk so much.

    2. @Rob Nunyan

      you were a lot more fun/funny when you woulde come on here. Spew a few sentences of racism and end it at that. Now you come on here with these long drawn out ramblings saying the exact same thing, just making it a long more boring and less funny. This is a troll zone. Not a forum for trying to defend your racism by trying to sound intelligent. Your racist. It’s ok. Let that hate out. Troll these losers and move on to the next post. No need for a college thesis.

    3. Rob IS trolling. He said so quite explicitly some 3-4 years ago. By ‘explicitly’, I mean ‘not-implicitly’. In other words not-implying, suggesting, not by ‘putting something between the lines, nudge, wink’ etc. und so weiter, and so forth…

    4. 2Lolo, or the other 2Lolo, whatever it is (totally confused as to who’s who): How many times do I have to say it? I am as far away from racist as anyone can get, period. Races are races. Some good, some not so much, but their are exceptions to every rule so I don’t judge, ever! I know you are too blind to see that, but I assure you this is so. I do not consider nlggers human. Simple. You’re right though. I need to be funnier. I shall try.

    5. Troll I do and troll I will. For me, this is a game and when I snare someone it already means I won. This is a site called “Epic Fail”. This isn’t The Associated Press. If anyone is too dumb to see past my fish-hook then they’re simply fish, and fish get caught.

    1. I don’t even see any tits. My black power top boyfriend has a nicer rack than this girl, and his nips taste like coconut. And the last time he passed out in a porta potty wasn’t from being drunk. It was when I drained all his energy and his sack with one of my world famous blowies

    2. PROOF.!!!!!! BULL-SHIT 2LOLO is in Love with NIG.GER COCKS.!!!!!! Any NIG.GERS out there.???? BULL-SHIT 2LOLO WILL FUCK YOU LONG TIME.!!!!!!!

  1. i can sleep and shit pretty much anywhere …but these toilets have shit an piss all over them especially at festivals …. you don’t make spend too much time in them

  2. I’d really feel bad later about banging a girl in an outhouse. I’d really have to reflect on my morals…later.

  3. I never get tired of Rob Nunya. Absolutely hilarious. I’m not being sarcastic either. I come on this website just to read his comments. So refreshing. I love it!

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