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    1. That depends on the accelerant. You are thinking of oil and grease. They are using nail polish remover or some kind of rubbing alcohol.

      Regardless, I bet this gif makes Rob Nunya proud to be white.

  1. ow that guy caught on fire 🙁 that’s to MUCH

  2. I seen a Video on YouTube of “BULL-SHIT 2LOLO Burning her ASS-O HAIRS.!!!!! Asked Why.???? BULL-SHIT 2LOLO SAID.!! His NIG.GER Boyfriends don’t want his HAIRY ASS HAIRS GET IN THERE WAY..!!!!

  3. Its nail polish remover, but not all brands are the same makeup and ingredients. Some are very heavy on the Acetone. This item is actually a ORM-D restricted transport item due to its EXTREME flammability. Even though Acetone is miscible with water and serves as an important solvent in its own, the vapors are very flammable and will cause a lot of potential damage before the acetone has time to mix with the water properly and neutralize it.

  4. Well, I did dumb things when I was young, but never this dumb.

    Natural selection almost did his job this day. I guess there will be more occasions in the future.

    1. When you were young? Do you mean 5 years ago when you were 6? Frankly, if you’re over 15 and write the way you write and think the way you think, Holy Mary Mother-of-God… if a book is the intelligent man’s tool than you should use several, tied together to hold you down under water. How much oxygen has gone to waste!

  5. 2lolo, There probably is a easier way to get rid of your crabs, instead of setting fire to yourself. Although the burn scars prob make you look better then before. Thats a win win for you.

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