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    1. I’m not gonna say you’re a goddamn retard, but that sport is only played in Ireland. It’s called hurling, dude

    2. ha ha …. uneducated [email protected]

      i guess you could call it , the world series of hurling ….as only Ireland county’s play in it

      it’s a pretty good game , this sort of thing is very common , American pussy’s wouldn’t be able to play it

    3. naw, we just have better things to do than worry about an obscure sport played in a country that not many people really care about

    4. You are telling me I need to go to Ireland to get one of those helmets?? I could really use one. A few nights ago Jamal accidentally clubbed me in the eye with his mandingo dong while we were switching positions and I lost vision in it for 72 hrs.

    5. Cum On Get Real.!!!! Bull-Shit 2lolo.!!!! Helmet.???? You know and everyone knows you love it when your boyfriend Ram your Butt Hole as you head is banging the wall.!!!!!!

  1. Don’t mind @stebburn he’s mad because wewouldn’t allow him in the states because his teeth are too fucked (like all brits).

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