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  1. BS—braces can’t do this. Most likely ‘shopped photo, but even if it were real, braces are not going to move deeply-rooted cuspids to the side of the bicuspids behind them. it would require significant rearrangement of the jawbone.

  2. THAT’S BULL-SHIT 2LOLO FAKE BRACES.!!!! It happen in PRISON when BULL-SHIT HAD ALL OF HER FRONT TEETH KNOCK OUT.!!!! By her NIG.GER BOYFRIENDS.!!!!! BULL-SHIT 2LOLO Teeth got in the way when her NIG.GER Boyfriends Fuck her Face.!!!!!

    1. I don’t know who you lolo fucktards are, but your shit isn’t funny, and you should commit suicide immediately.

    2. Wtf,
      1. Buster Hymen, lol great name man.
      2. 2lolo that doesn’t even make sense, how the fuck could she get her teeth knocked out by her boyfriend while in prison? It would of had to been by her girlfriend.
      3. If you are going to be a dick at least be funny, so you have a good reason for people to hate you.

    3. I’ve always had it in my head he’s an inbred retarded backwoods foreign hillbilly. There’s no hope for it.

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