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  1. Jason failed again… That isn’t my grandpa. It’s my ex bf. He still won’t accept the fact that my heart and butthole belong to Jamal. For an older gentleman he sure could get it in deep and hard. But I’m a BBC boy from now on and he needs to accept that.

    1. @Bull-Shit 2lolo
      Is Jamal one of your Boyfriend from the Ghetto.?????
      What about the rest of your Boyfriends.??

    2. Don’t fight it 2lolo, you belong to me. I’ll be gentle with you tonight. I’ll even hold you for a bit after.

  2. Doesn’t make sense. The date of the grandfather’s response is five weeks before the date on the photo. Even if it was made the next year, why would someone say “Merry Christmas” in July?

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