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  1. Let me guess.
    This news comes from Fkedupmerica.
    Yea there is no other country outside Fkedupmerica, that fk there own daughter and they think it’s oke.

    1. Truexile, just because you look like you fell out of an ugly tree and hit every fucking branch on the way down doesn’t mean the rest of the population has hideous complexions

  2. WTF did you guys do to Rob Nunya? I saw this Fail with 12 comments and thought for sure he would be at least have made one of them. Obviously somebody has kidnapped him.

  3. Well, Jo’Lawnmoa, it seems to me if your dad “loved” you a little less you wouldn’t be in this predickament.

  4. This fail honestly doesn’t surprise me at all.
    In the wild, gorillas fuck their offspring just as nig.gers do when they try to assimilate into human society.

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