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  1. Where’s the great ending where the truck driver gets out and beats the douchebag within an inch of his life?
    That was fuckin’ boring.

  2. Another vid that shows Murican’s can’t drive.
    How many more vids are coming?

    I mean we all know that they can’t drive now.

    1. Unevaknowwhoiam is just some punk-ass kid who barely learned the term “Murican”, and like a tourist who’s just had a meal in whatever shithole he calls home, he spews his verbal diarrhea multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter what country the post is from, his tourettes makes him shout out “MURICAN!!!” with a spray of spit and snot. That CLEARLY is not English being spoken NOR is it an American license plate, fool. Try not to sound like a retard while calling others stupid.

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