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  1. That looks like a baby bull. Why does it say celeb fail and gored in the tags? What celeb is that and how can someone be gored by a bull with no horns?

  2. Lol, maybe I was a bit hasty with my last comment. I think that is Matthew Broderick, the “gored” in the tags is referring to the unsavory act he committed on the poor beast before the camera started filming.

    1. Ya know? My previous comment could also work here. Omit your name and we have him sweet talking that poor animal.

  3. Haha. Hell it would work if you left my name in there. Except it would be referring to the unpleasant experience I had at a party. Yes it was awful and no I’m not posting any pics. Let’s just say waking up and pulling a used rubber from your rectum is not the best way to start your morning.

  4. Whoa, did I post that drivel^? Posted that right after I woke up and thought it was the height of hilarity. Now a few hours later, with a few shots in me, I’m wondering why I felt the need to share that with the class.

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