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  1. Um by saying that the suspect has a profile pic with clothes on implies that you know the guy. Who’s the stupid bitch now? Enjoy the visit you get from the cops.

  2. This is the undeserving porch monkey that got the heart transplant “against” experts recommendations that he NOT get it because of his lifestyle.
    Then, this piece of shit dies in a carjacking incident. At least this fucker got what was coming to him.
    That heart could have gone to a deserving human being with a purpose in life.
    What a waste of a good heart.

    1. Yup, I remember this. There were children with unbelievably heartbreaking backgrounds hanging on for dear life for that heart that this toilet-berry received undeservingly. The PR for this PC clown show was unreal. Fair justice would be to yank this thing’s birthing mongrels’ hearts out while they are still alive just to offer some kind of minimal compensatory attempt at an apology for violating the rights of so many kids in need.

  3. Ohh I love me some dark chocolate. He would probably need a second heart transplant when I suck him dry with pop rocks in my mouth. He would cum so hard his heart would stop and I would swollow that load down faster than any bitch on the Brazzers payrole

  4. PERFECT example of how the media try to cover up and make these niqqers seem like they are all just little jids and agels so you don’t ever get the truth and get mad at the fucking black community for the fucking massive amount of crime they foster that has NOTHING to do with the white man or slavery. Just them being scum

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