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  1. Actually that’s NOT bleach. It is dried sperm from when me, Jamal, Mikey, and Rob Nunya circle jerked eacH other. The girl is my sister. She usually cleans up after me and friends and this particular time she smeared it on the dogs head in a swastika because she wanted to pay tribute to the huge loads me and Jamal rubbed out of mikey and rob

    1. @BullShit 2lolo
      I read in the Newspaper JAMAL is writing a new song about you.!!! How much Jamal Love to F’ing your ass…..

  2. Steve it does make sense tho, they poured bleach on the dog to burn a swastika in to the skin turning a brown dog in to a skin head, proving dominance.

    Well which 2lolo is the real 2lolo, we will never know for sure.

  3. Actually that’s what happens to dark hair on a dog when you use peroxide. I had to “peroxide” my dog to kill something that was attracting mites

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