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  1. By means of watching this video I have found a new purpose in life: Videotaping drunk girls peeing on the side of the road and then saying that “I’m with the news”.

  2. This is all Murican’s IQ.
    Lower then 10.
    Can’t even find a smart Murican out there.

    All we see are all fat/stupid/retarded muricans.
    This vid proofs it.

    1. Unevaknowwhoiam is just some punk-ass kid who barely learned the term “Murican”, and like a tourist who’s just had a meal in whatever shithole he calls home, he spews his verbal diarrhea multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter what country the post is from, his tourettes makes him shout out “MURICAN!!!” with a spray of spit and snot. Try not to sound like a retard while calling others stupid.

    2. Dear Ambrosia
      OK.!!!! I’ll come over tonight but I can’t stay to long…. Just for a Blow-Job.. I’m baby sitting tonight…

  3. So why didn’t any of the dumb prime mates take her keys and move her car instead of injecting themselves into traffic? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. People are stupid.

  4. Unevaknowwhoiam sounds like the typical French Canadian faggot who learned everything he knows about the USA from watching south park reruns.

    1. HEY.!!! BullShit 2lolo
      What will your Boyfriend ” Dick 1 BallSack”
      will say when he read your comment.???

  5. In the time, she can go out of the car, stumble around, goes stumbling back into the car and sits there, I already long time, park it on the road side. Ting Tong 😉

  6. You actually can fix stupid. Just remove the warning labels from everything and remove all second floor window latches…

  7. Dude. All these peple in this video are fucking retarded, from the dip-shit in traffic, to the woman driver. Bet she wasn’t even drunk!

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