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    1. Double AMEN to that.

      What an annoying, nasal libtard. He should have given that cunt a ticket at the very least.

  1. Another proof that shows how retarded and close minded they are.

    “Ooh what should I do today? I know let’s drive around and search for a police officer and annoy them.”

    But when a police officer shoot at them. They all cry and say RACISM!!!


  2. Wtf, this chick is a cunt. Let’s see how to make a fool of yourself on the internet. If I was the cop. I would have pulled her out of the car and made her sit in the hot sun for an hour or two while a k9 unit walked the premises of her car for drugs. Even if she didn’t have drugs I would have written her a ticket and just before saying “goodbye”, the “should have put glasses on while sitting in the sun” comment would have floated off my tongue. Kick her in the vag, little bitch.

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