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  1. I wish that douche would have gotten bitten just because he is wearing a fanny pack. Jamal would have stomped that snake out if it tried bitting me like that

    1. BullShit 2lolo
      Your Mother ask me over again… She sitting on a Chair and Rubbing her Pussy, she ask me to Fuck her HARD as your Daddy watch, Jack-Off and Video Tape us… I Fuck your Mother in all her holes… Damn.!!! Your Mother Can Suck all the CHROME OFF A CAR Bumber ….!!!!

  2. well.. not really funny. That was a cobra, and it was definitely striking at the guy. The only thing stopping it was that the snake couldn’t get a good grip on the smooth floor — Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion saved the dude from a bad bite.

    1. Looked like the snake was going for the jewels. @TheSnake GO FOR IT GET THE JEWELS! I would rely like to see that…

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