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  1. If I caught Jamal on tinder I would be heart broken and cry. I would probably have revenge sex with his dad and send him the picture of his Dads load all over my face. His dad’s name is Desean by the way.

  2. that girl is to hot for him, if that’s his girl he should hang on, unless she’s crazy… don’t stick your dick in crazy

  3. Hahahahhahahahahah what a complete fucking grotesque! Yeah she is too good for him. What a grade A TWAT! Honestly if you want to skrew around even though your dick clearly doesn’t reach the bottom of a tuna fish can politely break it to your partner you’re needing other things right now and want to play the field. She will respect you for it more than if she finds out you’re doing shit like this, and you gain man points rather than losing them big time styley! What a fucking utter tit.

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