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    1. JD, radioshack called, the batteries for your sarcasm meter have arrived. Hurry and get them replaced so you can keep up.

  1. piece of shit. U emerican are sick. it is childern. today in our news was some 3yo boy who kiled his 1yo brother with gun

    1. @poopr…Yeah, I see at least 20 little girls a day shooting assault rifles in the air here in the US. The boys are even worse. You should see them out in the streets playing with grenades and IEDs.

      If you think that’s bad you should see the daycares where all the kids are packing handguns in their diapers.

    2. This kind of sad, careless events are at a such level of stupidity and so far below any decent level of common sense that it transcend the barrier of ethnicity and cultural barrier.

      The only common denominator that we can objectively agreed on here is that these peoples are all humans.

      Beyond that, it’s like being struck by a lighting bolt. Where you are in the world and your culture could not be less relevant.

    1. Only a stupid libtard would even ask that, since you love attacking strawman in your made-up world. Idiot, the NRA advocates for gun safety and certainly doesn’t advocate for or provide unsafe handling of a weapon like this kid is doing. Are you less confused now?

  2. My first thought, when seeing how the muzzle completely flagged the cameraman’s head, is how lucky he was. She appears to have held on to the trigger, as would be expected when a tiny hand squeezes it and the weapon almost leaps out of her arms and she’s trying to hold on. I have a feeling two bullets whizzed right past his head on either side. Too bad, we could have had one less jihadist.

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