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  1. The family that sucks together, …. something. Where do these people and their psychotic “values” fucking come from? Is driving through life facing forward just too boring or what? Overton got it right.

    1. Drive facing forward? Marvin, as in “Starvin Marvin” from those South Park shows? Not just a nlgger, but a boots-to-roots nlgger from Aeeefrica. That family in the fail is still a better example than yours, unless giving birth to 4 chill’n while still in the womb counts as fam’ly.

    2. Ah Nunya. Still involving racisme into any argument.. Its like you just can’t shut up about it.. The past must have scarred you greatly.

  2. Mom’s a fucking whale. She must suck cock like a champ. Guess the daughter wasn’t performing up to his expectations.

    1. Mom had plenty of cash, and the daughter was a tool from the get-go.

      His next step is to forge the will, and track down slow-acting natural source carcinogens. Five years and mission accomplished.

    1. Does it just really suck being you, true-assbandit? You have no creativity of your own and that in itself, explains a lot about you. Poking fun at you would be a waste of my time

    2. Case in point. It’s not surprising that with your IQ level that you basically reuse the same so-called quips. Wasting insults on you and your ranking is not worth my time, true-pillowbiter

    3. Does your mouth ever stop flapping fatty? I don’t know what stinks more, the acidic vag ooze leaking from your body, or your pathetic attempts to deter my trolling. Either way your still a fat cunt 😉

  3. they probably fucked each other already when he was still dating the girl.

    I’m wondering why she even bothered showing up at the wedding?

    cut them out from your life

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