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  1. Love it how the cans filled with cigarette butts just keep multiplying.

    I can’t even imagine the smell inside that car. Probably something akin to 2lolo’s farts after a night of getting anally gangbanged by Jamal and his buddies. Febreeze won’t cure this shit.

    1. Welcome Back Redneck Sucking… This is the really 2lolo.. Proof look at my pic… Next to my name… I like you to Met Snaggle Tooth 2lolo…You and Snaggle Tooth 2lolo has many thing in common.!!!! Both of you Shemale love NIG.GERS Cocks…. : )

  2. jussayin’ this has to be your fatomobile. Being a glorified ass wiper doesn’t mean you also have to live in shit.

    1. Lets be honest here, you dont drive… You would have to tuck your fat dangling meat curtains into your asshole to be able to sit down properly. Keep being a beached fat cunt, we all know thats what you’re good at 😉

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