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  1. Yo, ah remember when ah asked 2lolo ta da prom. ah stood outside his crib an’ wait fo’ him an’ his 2 dads ta come back from uh Bieber concert. Had dis here big sign dat said” beotch, wills you go ta da prom wif me?”. ah still remember him squealing like uh schoolgirl an’ running up ta me while shouting “yeea , yeea , yeea “. He then took me up ta his bedroom an’ gave me an amazing blow. Damnit, now ah be reminiscing ’boutthat two timing slut

    1. Oh, Jamal. I remember that night like it was yesterday. One of the happiest days of my life. Dads both said that you were aI sweet.

    2. Yo, you say dat, but yous left me fo’ dat nigga Tyrone. Ah know you miss muh motha fuckin backdoor loving, Tyrone has nuttin’ on me. He be uh weak ass nigga an’ uh punk. You know who da real nigga iz.

  2. Well now…. Let us list this fucktards mistakes.

    1. Not opening the door for your girlfriend/spouse/partner. Try being more of a gentleman “Daniel” The girl is carrying stuff and you can’t even manage to get out to help her. Weak dude, real weak.

    2. Posting signs on the side of the road to ask your GF to prom…. Yea, that is kind of shitty and lame. Daniel, you’re lame.

    3. Recording this whole occurance….. Really fucking lame. The need to document this on any kind of video format is absurd. Daniel, your FB, Twitter or whatever kind of social media format “friends” do not care about your prom proposal. And in the slight chance that there are some people that do have an interest, their lives are just as vacant as yours.

    4. Shave the beard champ. I hate to get on your personal appearance, but the beard look is more for men. Even though beards are making a comback as a fad, from this video, using simple math, we can come to the conclusion that you are a fad follower/joiner and not a leader. Video + Beard = Douche

    5. The dome light remains on in the vehicle you are driving. This tells me that you are not the owner of the vehicle. Mommy or Daddy probably own the vehicle and since you can’t figure out how to turn the dome light off, well, that’s not very manly either. You should know the basics of how to operate the vehicle you are driving. When you are so self absorbed in your little world of impressing other people, you will probably wind up with a dead battery the next morning. If this is to occur just remember Red = Positive and Black = Negative. However, I can easily see you cooking mommy or daddy’s electrical system by connecting the jumper cables incorrectly.

    6. Finally Champ, thinking that you were kind by not filming your GF crying, well, swing and a miss. That’s a baseball reference Daniel. You did manage to record her crying along with the dejected and humiliated look on your face. Yes, you did manage to film yourself looking like a fool. Maybe you can use this as a learning experience. Even after this event actually occured in your life you still shared the video????? Daniel, live more and share less. Shave the beard!

    1. Holy shit. I started reading all of that and my eyes glazed over. Did I miss the part where the video required a 2 page essay comment?

    2. Awww is someone upset?

      do you need a moment? or a tissue lil guy?

      Is the tampon too tight for you?

      hahahahaha 😀

    3. RIght on brother. The dude is a beta cuck too consumed with the thought of failure to take any action at all. That includes possibly entering her safe space by opening the door for her. And yes, the beard is a fucking ruse. He thinks it makes him fit into one of the nooks where they put the insecure kids raised by single mothers. Make NO mistake, there is no father in that home.

  3. Ambrosia, I understand that reading can be difficult. Just keep watching videos and you will be more than prepared to navigate your way through life. You wouldn’t have your own YouTube chanel and a beard, would you?

    1. Well, I was being a smart ass. In reality I didn’t read all of it because I just simply didn’t give a fuck. And it’s spelled channel, nice try though.

    2. @danR Heh! It’s a simple matter of having standards. If you are going to type that amount of crap get your spelling right god damn it!

  4. Hmm, there’s part of me that want’s to say this is a Win. It feels so good to see the two of them equally feel like shit.


    seriously the bloke is gay. he either hasn’t found out himself yet or he’s pretending to be straight until he moves out of the house.

  6. As long as they went back and she sucked his dick, tickled his balls, and stuck a couple of fingers up his ass…maybe even ate his ass out…all will be forgiven.

    1. They tried, but by the time he pulled out of the driveway, Prom was over. However, they did get to share a plate of mozzarella sticks at Denny’s (She ate most of them).

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