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    1. You see danr, this is done at one of those tyre and rim job places, you look at them. Fuck they just know there shit, you know this will make you laugh. I once saw 2homo’s big fat mumma shit thar.

  1. Yo, ah remember when ah did da exactly same thin`, except it wasn’t an engine, it wuz 2lolo’s asshole, an’ it wasn’t water, it wuz cum. His asshole drained fo’ 10 minutes straight.

    Actually, it wuz nuttin’ like dis here. Just wanted ta share dis here story.

    1. YES.!!! BullShit 2lolo.. It took 10 min. to drain my asshole because your Tonge was fucking my asshole….

    2. @Jamal… If I didn’t see the tires in the video, I would swear this is that video I forgot at the house of you pissing on my chest.

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