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  1. Wait…did he really get caught jerking it, or are you guys just guessing?
    Hirudinea, would have been hilarious if you said “What a jerk off” lol

    1. No, he seriously got caught in a library jerking off. Didn’t try to hide it or anything. He was just right out in the open doing it.

    2. @WTF
      I’ll bet you wanted to be at the Library with him, so you can get some of his cum in your mouth…

  2. I don’t get all the surprises and haha’s. Someone lets a monkey of its cage and out of the zoo, and then allows it to enter a library of all places? For what? What was it supposed to do when confronted with a huge structure filled wall-to-wall with nothing but books, start reciting Dylan Thomas? Like any wild creature thrust into a completely new and overwhelmingly stressful situation, its reaction is understandably one of confusion and the beast innately reverts to behaviors indicative to its primal instincts. Thank goodness it didn’t bite anyone or shit everywhere. People, remember Bob Barker’s famous words: make sure to spay or neuter your pets. You should also stop fiddling with nature. Let wild animals live in the wild where they belong. This is common sense folks.

    1. Dude, you whip it out, I’ll cut it off, titties are fine but keep your pud in your pants!

  3. “Wisconsin man banned from all libraries on earth”?
    What? 99% of earth’s population would ask what a “Wisconsin” is.
    American judges are so funny. Meh.

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