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  1. Hey, it could be someone that English just happens to be their second language. If that’s the case, and they speak one language fluently and English enough to work and communicate, then they are ahead of all you white people that speak only English. My dad talks with a heavy accent but he does speak, read and write two languages. Do you?

    1. Yeah, most likely it’s a nlgger, and any human speech is its second language only if you count howling and cackling as its first. However I do see the nightmar– er, “Dreamers” are alive and kicking. Perhaps “…enough to work and communicate” is relative, but anyone intending to work in any industry, even at the very bottom such as the food service industry, should have at least enough grasp of the native language in the country that they invad–er, immigrated to, to communicate with customers effectively. The burden is not on the natives to adjust but vice-versa. You state that your dad can speak, read and WRITE! See that? “Write”. This specimen cannot do that. And yes, I am fluent in 5 languages so I can make this statement. In case that didn’t make sense to you , please press one for English, para espanol oprima dos.

    2. annyeonghaseyo
      nur ein bischen

      OK, the odd thing is the person knows a rather advanced English quantifier phrase, procedes to accurately, but inapplicably, pluralize it, and doesn’t know the straightforward concrete noun name of something so universally known. For the rest of it, I don’t care where they came from; it’s just a… FAIL.

  2. Rob Nunya, your last name sounds like you came from Japan since you last name is a filtered down Japanese name. Why don’t you go back to Japan you invader and you fucking Pearl Harbor bomber. Damn zipper head. Go back!!! And take your five languages with you Jap.

    1. I am not kidding, I really am laughing out loud! Yup, you nailed it ese. Your 2 comments up there are a prime example of trying to fix something until it’s broken. But definitely funny!

    2. victor; I would try to explain what “Nunya” means in the U.S., but apparently you arrived here the same day as your dad. Please don’t try to “interpret” my name. Just go back to Meheeco.

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