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  1. This is Tyrone’s buddies carrying me to bed after he just smashed my asshole to pieces. This pic was just taken Saturday afternoon. How did it make it to the internet already???

      Throne and Jalam and buddies Carrying this White Kid to you… You ask them you wanted to try a White Boy Cock and Butt hole…

  2. 1st time at an all inclusive report and this drank so much he passed out. Good thing the resorts employees (Rico,Pierre, and Jacque) help his girlfriend(who is only carrying an arm) helped carry him to his room where they then service his. girlfriend and finish on his chest.

  3. “Damn, this white boy passed out quick from the mickey we slipped in his pina colada. Let’s get him to the cabana so we can remove his kidney before he wakes up”.

  4. 2lolo is really stepping up his game, 2 B.B.C, a Mexican and adding in a tranny. I guess when you have every STD you, there is nothing left to worry about.

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