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  1. Who cares how many takes it took. Probably 999 out of 1000 people could NEVER make that shot no matter how .any takes it took.

    That ball went in the hole smoother than Tyrone’s BBC slides into my lube upped hole.

    1. Anyone who can make a hard-hit draw shot on that tiny table could do it. And yes, it would be a question of how many tries, not of possible/impossible. Let’s say average < 100 tries.

      And it should be taken for granted we're talking about players, not any random dude off the street.

      9 of 10 could make that shot.

  2. That one little white ball jumping into the center of the black balls makes truexile wet.
    Reminds him of every time he is the focal point of a circle jerk at the mandingo parties he throws.

    1. Funny how almost everything is reminding you of sex. I guess you finally should have some.
      Come on, make a step!

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